Features Added:

  • CR 77 – Changes to ABSENCE  reports:
    1. By Employee – need to go farther in the past than Feb 2012
    2. By Reason Type – add employee drop list
    3. By Alerts – When you run the report, you don’t know who you picked (it doesn’t show the name) and all the reason types are shown, even if you pick just 1

Issues Fixed:

  • BR 61 – In the timecard edit, if the timecard was added manually, rename the edit screen middle section from ACTUAL HOURS to TIMECARD ADDED HOURS
  • BR 65 – When approving timecards, APPROVE AND GO TO NEXT TIMECARD doesn’t always work
  • BR 66 – In specific cases, the title would read “SCHEDULED – SCHEDULED OVERNIGHT”, and sometimes in error
  • BR 67 – When someone is scheduled and forgets to punch back in from meal and punch out at the end of the day, the system would put the punch back from meal 3 minutes before end of shift. It now sets the meal punch in to the default meal length (only in cases where the employee forgets to punch in)
  • BR 68 – The ‘Time Card & Payroll » Time Card Punch Report’ reported the PAID hours, some clients wanted the ACTUAL punch. So we’ve renamed this report to ‘Time Card & Payroll » Time Card Paid Punch Report’ and added a new report ‘Time Card & Payroll » Time Card Actual Punch Report’