Time and Attendance Software Reviews

Canadian Tire

Jeff Burley

Associate Dealer – Store 289 – Lower Sackville, NS

Canadian Tire

Darren Gunn

Associate Dealer – Store 425 – London, ON

Tactical Marketing Solutions

Kevin Booker

Co-Owner – Tactical Marketing Solutions – Windsor, ON

“Being a 24/7 call centre, scheduling is a MAJOR part of our business – specifically ensuring we have the correct number of staff with the proper skill sets at the right times of day. It USED to be a big time sucker for us… but now, it’s easy and unbelievably more efficient. Within the first couple weeks of using it, I could see that it was going to be a huge advantage for us — a big labour load lifted off of my supervisors’ shoulders. Let’s say we need 15 agents and 5 of them have to be bilingual. When we add our employees [into TimeWellScheduled], we identify which ones are bilingual so it’s really easy to drag and drop the right type of agent into those seats…Previously, we were using a spreadsheet. It was very easy to double-book somebody or make it look like you had enough seats filled but, in actuality, you didn’t.”

Canadian Tire

John Baxter

General Manager – Store 425 – London, ON

“TimeWellScheduled saves our store 2 days of work each week on payroll.Before I had a phone number here, a note there, now I keep all my information in one place. Previously managers would approve hours once a week, now they do it daily. TimeWellScheduled is more beneficial for the department managers because they get to see exactly what’s happening in their departments with regard to their staff coming and going…The information it holds is much more valuable than the old system.” The ensures timecards are accurate and reduces the followup needed by administration.TimeWellScheduled is a great system…Proactive is the best way I can describe it.”

Canadian Tire

Jody O’Donnell

General Manager – Store 13 – Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

“I’ve been on the TimeWellScheduled program for over 5 months and notice amazing savings in the unproductive punching in early, punching out late or extended breaks. This system allows all managers to control these areas for each staff member.”

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