Managing Employees

Has Never Been Easier.

Save thousands a year by using the devices you already have for time and attendance tracking! The last tool you’ll ever need takes care of everything from scheduling to shift trading and even exporting hours to your accounting software.

On average, employees are late 10 minutes a day. If you have only 20 employees that’s over 8 hours a week of lost productivity.


Custom Built

Built from the ground up our time and attendance solution offers:

  • Offline Tracking
  • Mobile Access
  • Employee Shift Swapping
  • Scheduling
  • Payroll Export

enhances your workforce management capability.


“TimeWellScheduled saves our store 2 days of work each week on payroll.”

John Baxter GM, Canadian Tire Store 425

“I have been on the TimeWellScheduled program for over 5 months and notice amazing savings in the unproductive punching in early, punching out late or extended breaks. This system allows all managers to control these areas for each staff member.”

Jody O’Donnell GM, Canadian Tire Store 13

Save Time, Save Money

Timecards and manual punch machines are a thing of the past. Our cloud based software saves you and your employee times while providing you with the most accurate form of reporting to date. Managers have better things to do than keep track of post-it notes with absence requests and filling out paperwork for attendance each day. TimeWellScheduled automates those daily tasks to free up employees to be active in other important areas.


Starting at $3/Employee/Month


A cloud based, no installation service.This means a store is NOT required to buy or upgrade hardware to run our application. All that is required is a computer running the latest browser.


Currently TimeWellScheduled supports EasyPay, Desjardin, Ceridian, ADP, Simply Accounting, Quickbooks and MYO so importing into your payroll is just a few clicks.


A centralized deployment means we can roll out fixes and new features with never having to interrupt your business’ day to day process.


TimeWellScheduled tracks data and NEVER deletes it (unless you ask), meaning you can go back to any time and view/report on the information you need NOW.

Your Own Tailored Rules

Other applications require conform to its rules – TimeWellScheduled lets YOU set the rules, from coverage/ competencies to grace periods (per employee or department).

Easy Implementation

Getting your business online is a quick and simple process, within 2 days we can have your site ready to help you tailor to your rules and schedules.

Offline Mode

An offline mode allows TimeWellScheduled to collect punch in/out/lunch/breaks even if the internet goes down, so there is no worry of missed punches.


Currently providing English, French and Spanish with the ability for your business to customize any tags within the system to meet your needs.

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