Product Features
  TimeWellScheduled Competitor
   Costing & Users
   Cost $48/month
$2/month per additional
Enterprise pricing available
$49/month $2500 + Software $12,000 – $15,000
   Number of users for cost Up to 24 Up to 20 50 or less 25-50
   General Features
   Web based, 256bit SSL encrypted solution
   Branded to your logos and colours
   Instant updates – rolled out to all systems at once
   Full site access restricted by IP/DNS to protect your data
   Limited access for employees to check schedules/request absence
   Detailed employee and department security control
   Language Support
   Multiple languages (English/French/Spanish)
   Override all titles to your own needs
   Punch in/out for breaks/meals
   Employee code/password option
   Yubikey option
   Bar code reader option
   Swipecard option
   Split shifts
   Schedule notes
   Add schedules based on timebands
   Add schedules based on templates
   Copy history schedules per employee
   Copy history schedules by department
   Competency/coverage requirement alerting
   Per department rules
   Grace period for in/out
   Grace period for breaks/lunches
   Custom lunch and break lengths
   Override department rules for each employee
   Manage your own coverage requirements
   Manage your own competency requirements
   Employees can request their own times off
   Custom request types, employee and management notes
   Employee alerts when request is approved/declined
   Administrators can approve/decline, add additional comments
   Timecard approvals
   Audit trail (on going real time recording of all actions)
   Timecard discrepancy
   Absence history by employee
   Absence history by department
   Real-time ‘Who’s On The Floor’
   Real-time ‘Scheduling Posting’ can be used in lunchrooms
   Integrated email/message board
   Custom user defined fields
   Multiple department assignments
   Multiple department supervision
   Mobile/Phone Specific Interface
   Designed specifically for phones for easy navigation
   Staff can view their schedule, request time off, check for messages
   Support for Ceridian
   Support for Desjardins
   Support for EasyPay
   Support for MYOB
   Support for ADP
   Support for Simply Accounting
   Support for Quickbooks
   Support for Pastel Payroll In Progress